Antonio Conte, the bench of the Azzurri at the accused’s

July 1, 2015

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From the coach’s bench that of the accused, the path may seem very short for Antonio Conte, the coach of the Italy team. It should be sent in the next few hours, in the courts for “sporting fraud” by the public prosecutor of Cremona (Lombardy), Roberto Di Martino. The technician, former international (20 caps) and former middle Juventus (1992-2004) is believed to have been the accomplice of games arranged when he was coach of the club Siena during the 2010-2011 season. [ 1999014]

Even if its name is the most prestigious, Antonio Conte is just one of hundreds of alleged participants in a huge affair that shakes paris rigged Italian football for three years.

The charges have already earned the former coach of Juventus – he led three times in the title of Italian champion in 2011, 2012 and 2013 – to be sentenced by the Disciplinary Committee of the Federation 10 month suspension. A punishment finally reduced on appeal to four months. The native of Lecce (Apulia) is also cited in the investigations club Bari, he was also the coach between 2007 and 2009. He swears his innocence.

[1,999,030] Previous untoward

[ 1999001] In these circumstances, the coach of the Azzurri, who represents the showcase of Italian football, can he stay in office and continue to prepare his team for the European event in 2016 in France? “ Yes! meets the federation president Carlo Tavecchio, who named Conte at the head of the selection. A reference to the court is not a conviction. “ ” In this country, we have guaranteed for everyone, including for Antonio Conte “, continues the President, also sued him several times a justice in the past. According to the Italian press, the coach has the intention “request an immediate judgment” to exit as quickly as possible from this mess.

Nevertheless. The presence of a coach who could be sentenced to “sporting fraud” even if it was only in the first instance, would be a bad precedent. Especially that Conte has already talked about it a year ago when, just appointed head of the Squadra Azzura, the press learned that half of his salary (€ 3.2 million) was taken into Load half by the German supplier, Puma

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The Italian football, which is struggling to regain its past (despite the qualification of Juve in the final of the Champions League) suffer from these repeated cases that mark its history (Totonero, Calciopoli, Calcioscommesse).

But small slippages do him no good either. Recently, the club president of Catania (Sicily) admitted having paid 500,000 euros “buy” matches. The players of the national women’s team were treated “three or four lesbians” by an officer of high rank. In the summer of 2014, Carlo Tavecchio had noted evoking African players “who before eating bananas” and now play in big Italian clubs … He was also penalized after these comments.


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