Facebook introduces Rooms app worldwide

November 25, 2014

Almost exactly a month after having Facebook his new app Rooms released in the US , the new instant offer now available in the world Germany and many other countries. Unlike other Facebook products Rooms requires no membership and no registration. Who the app onto smartphone or Tablet charges, can participate in discussions or start your own discussions without having to log on.

So far Rooms is only for iOS, ie for iPhones and iPads available . After download and installation you can start right away and read along in chat rooms, which have created other users and participate with their own essays, images and videos. Own chat rooms can also be created without logging in.

Facebook breaks so with its own policy to demand of its users as a rule their real names. A reconciliation between the member database of the social network and Rooms does not exist, Facebook said manager Josh Miller SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Facebook relies on the user

Nevertheless, should at Rooms same standards apply as for Facebook itself. For compliance should, however, primarily provide the users. If you find a chat room or a post that violates Facebook’s directives, they should report on the relevant functions within the app. Facebook employees would pursue such messages and delete complained posts in doubt.

Moreover, one can also choose when creating a new chatroom that all reviews are moderated, so only need to be approved by a moderator before they are visible to other users. A classification for adult content is built. A check is performed but only by querying whether one is really already 18 years old.

Facebook so adheres largely out of the chat rooms. A certain automated control of contributions there but then. So uploaded photos would, for example, automatically checks to see if they might contain child pornography, says Josh Miller. Moreover texts would automatically checks for specific contexts, such as children and sex.

A delight for rabbits friends

quite as anarchic as it were chat rooms in the early years of the Internet, Facebook’s Rooms are not so. In any case, the company hopes to completely different clientele. When he imagines the app, Josh Miller opened a chat room for horse lovers to demonstrate how to control the appearance and the interaction possibilities of the app.

A view of the current offer, however, shows that there are actually plenty of similarly stored chat rooms. For example, one titled “Rabbit Lovers”, ie rabbit lovers. Created by an apparently worried not so much about his anonymity howardmoon76 exchange there 162 members rabbit photos. This is exactly the clientele, hopes to Facebook. “We do not want to meet up with friends, we want them to meet up with like-minded people,” says Josh Miller.

Activist groups and politically motivated chats, perhaps even people who exchange via Rooms for fear of political persecution in their home country, you will not find so far. But it may also simply be that you previously an account with the American or British iTunes store needed to load the app can.

Setting up anonymous chat rooms is simple. Invitations sent to the moderator in the form of QR codes that can be distributed via Instagram , E-mail or social networks. Who gets such a code, just take a screenshot of it and open it in the app, to join the room with any pseudonym .

A control who else is reading there, you did not, of course.

Rooms: This is what Facebook’s chat room app from

Screenshot of Rooms: Facebook’s new app is from November 25, nearly worldwide available, but only for iOS devices. In Themes forums, users should be able to about things like beekeeping, cooking recipes, but also discuss depression.

appearance of your choice: Who created a space that can specify, inter alia, as the Like button looks like. Alternatively, there are various Emoji to choose from.

room with blue background color: The Rooms forums can be controlled only with mobile devices, a big difference from classical forums and platforms such as Reddit



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