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June 20, 2015

Based on the novel by Charles Dickens: BBC remake of “Oliver Twist”

Szene aus "Oliver Twist": William Miller spielt die Hauptfigur in der BBC-Verfilmung
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Scene from “Oliver Twist”: William Miller plays the main character in the BBC adaptation

“Do not sneeze!” Barks the director of the orphanage and missed Oliver Twist a slap. The BBC has the classic novel by Charles Dickens filmed in 2007 as a mini-series. It is a grim version of the classic: the London of Oliver Twist, the sky is always cloudy, the faces of the children from the slums are smeared with dust.

Only two years before the broadcast of the series Roman Polanski had brought its own film in the cinemas. Polanski’s Oliver Twist looks a bit more alert than the rather timid protagonist of the BBC series, played by the 1996-born William Miller. The series with four episodes can be seen in German dubbed version on Clipfish .

Ravenous Sun: “MagSorb” for Smartphone

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travel through space:
The game app “MagSorb”

Only listen to bedtime music, then destroy planet: This may be the player at “MagSorb”. In the app, the user controls a grinning sun through space. The aim of the game is to get as many planets as possible in their field of attraction – only a clash there must be no.

When you launch the game, initially hears a lovely lullaby. But “MagSorb” is interesting not only for children – in a short time a lot of skill is required. Unfortunately, the player must start again in front after each lost round. The app there free for iOS and Android .

Forbidden Films: Nazi propaganda from the poison cupboard

Ausschnitt aus Arte-Doku: Viele Propagandafilme sind noch heute verboten
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section of Arte documentary: Many propaganda films are banned today

Such was the cinema-Nazi propaganda from: Polish children stoned a calling to help German, to roars an orchestra with brass and drums. “Homecoming” is the film from the year 1941. Is it possible the show today? This is the question the documentary “Forbidden Films – The legacy of the Nazi cinema” by Felix Moeller.

more than 40 Nazi films are today still not accessible, it is said in the document – although many of them can be found on the Internet. They are regarded as inciting, glorify war, anti-Semitic.

people need to be protected from or are the films not rather interesting Lehrstücke about propaganda? The documentary shows controversial film clips and lets experts and spectators a chance to speak. “Forbidden Films” is until 24 June can be seen in the Arte library .

Billowing creatures: Gif-creations on Tumblr and Vimeo

Screenshot aus "Hell Hound": Als Wackel-Gif wirkt der Höllenhund nicht sehr gruselig
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Jelly Gummies / Vimeo

Screenshot from “Hell Hound”: The loose-Gif the Hellhound looks not very scary

A world like Jell-O: The quirky GIF animations by Scottish artist Sam Lyon show squirming creatures. Some of these could come from a horror movie – such as a vibrant face or deformed Delfin woman . Other animations are geared more to nature, such as a green beings that a water bears – a microscopic multicellular organisms – looks suspiciously similar.

Most of his Gif animations Lyon has published on Tumblr . On Vimeo there are also videos with the surreal nature to see – such as the Short “Hellhound” (Hellhound) . Like the works of art created, Lyon documented with film clips and snapshots on Instagram .

solo debut: Donald Cumming with the album “Out Calls Only”

Albumcover zu "Out Calls Only": Die Musik wirkt ein wenig aus der Zeit gefallen
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Washington Square

album cover of “Out Calls Only”: The music is a little out of time like

“I do not hear a lot of contemporary music”, lets Donald Cumming announced through its record label . In fact, his new album acts like something out of time, is somewhat reminiscent of Bob Dylan and Tom Petty.

In the first song, “Game of the Heart”, Cumming sings: “I’ve been away for some time, I think, you have left me, but that’s just..” To clarify how these lines come some songs of the album, therefore – the mood of “Out Calls Only” is somewhere between casual and bored


Cumming has established itself as the lead singer of “The Virgins” a name, the US band has disbanded in 2013. The album “Out Calls Only” is his solo debut. It was published on June 16, and free to hear now on the magazine “Rolling Stone” site .

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