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March 21, 2015

Fictional Future: “Blade Runner” to “Power Cinema”

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Weird Costumes: scene from Blade Runner

Black skyscraper, flying cars, neon signs in the rain: This is Los Angeles in the science fiction film “Blade Runner” from 1982. Artificial light determines the scenes, the sun is obscured by clouds. Protagonist Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) chases a group of created artificially people who are not actually allowed to enter the planet.

“Blade Runner” is a mixture of science fiction, film noir and punk. At the box office of the dystopian film was a flop, director Ridley Scott was “devastated” as he revealed in an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE . Meanwhile, Blade Runner is considered a classic. The film can be viewed free of charge until 31 March in the Final Cut version of 2007 “ Line Cinema “.

Buena Vista Social Club: “Lost And Found”

Albumcover: Bislang unveröffentlichte Aufnahmen
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World Circuit

Album Cover: Previously unreleased recordings

“Found objects” would be a German translation for the new album “Lost And Found” Buena Vista Social Club. Some of the previously unreleased songs were recorded in Havana in 1996, others come from concert tours of elderly musicians.

more your style, the Son Cubano, reminiscent of bolero, salsa and blues. Known worldwide, the group was the musician and producer Ry Cooder, who was traveling in the nineties to Cuba to record songs from forgotten musicians. In 1999 Wim Wenders’ documentary “Buena Vista Social Club”.

Some members of the group are now deceased, such as the singer Ibrahim Ferrer and pianist Rubén González. The album will be released on March 23, and can be for free right now on the website of the American “ National Public Radio “.

A touch of “Quiz Duel” Brain-app “Words Champion”

Screenshot von Wörtermeister: Andere Spieler zum Raten herausfordern
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Challenge other players to rates


Screenshot of Words Champion

“Bring the syllables in the correct order,” says the game app “Words masters” and displays the following syllables: “WIN”, “REI”, “TER and” WIN “From this, the player must swipe constitute an appropriate word. , the solution is “winter tires”.

Actually no difficult task – but in “Words masters” of the players for each question has only a few seconds. What word inserted, for example, behind the syllables: “DRAWING”, “REMOTE”, “THE” and “BE”


players compete in four disciplines at “Words Champion” against each other. Under time pressure, they must organize syllables and letters, complete words or words found in the letter salad. Similar to “Quiz Duel” or “Trivia Crack”, players can purposefully challenge and earn points. The new app is available free of charge Play Store and in the App Store . By the way: The solution is “remote”


Better than Mini Golf: Games App UltraFlow

Screenshot von Ultraflow: Flüssiges Spielerlebnis
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Screenshot of Ultra Flow: Liquid gaming experience

“No score, no timer, the only challenge is your composure” – so the developers describe their game app “Ultra Flow”. The gameplay is comparable to mini golf and billiards. With a sweeping motion, the player has a ring push into the playing area and sink in a hole. Thus, the ring reaches the hole, he must bounce off obstacles at the right angle.

Much of the first level can be solved only by blind trial and error. Only later, the player must fiddle longer. The graph convinced by minimalism: There are only two colors for each level, the game environment consists of simple geometric shapes. The app is free and ad for Android and iOS . With the Unity Web Player extension can be “Ultra Flow” also in the browser play.

Secret recordings: decline in the GDR

Ausschnitt aus "Der heimliche Blick": Ehepaar in der DDR
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Excerpt from “The secret eye”: couple in the GDR

These images should not see. From 1972 to 1986 recordings made reporter, away from the socialist propaganda from everyday life in the GDR. Your client: the GDR itself 300 films to have produced the so-called “State Film documentary.”.

They show, for example, a retired couple who fought for 20 years for a dense roof of his apartment. For rehabilitating the money was missing. A residential district committee in Berlin Linienstraße admits on camera that the laundry is mildew in the cupboards and rusting iron objects, because it is so humid.

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg now shows excerpts of the East German films in a documentary. It is entitled “The secret glance – How the GDR itself observed” until 24 March ARD library see


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