Fridge-It Cube, Naturally Activated Charcoal Deodorizer, Refrigerator Odor Eliminator, Fragrance Free, Lasts up to 6-Months

Price: $6.24

Fridge-it cube’s odor eliminator is ideal for neutralizing even the Worst odors in the fridge. Made in America from all-natural activated carbon, it’s chemical free, fragrance free, and provides natural long-lasting freshness (up to 6 months). eliminate all odors, not just the easy ones! it’s compact size can be placed almost anywhere strong odors need to be eliminated, like under sinks, near trash cans, in cabinets, diaper Pails, storage areas, garages, lockers, sports bags, dorm rooms, and office cubicles. The convenient built-in hanger hooks onto the bottom of shelving in the fridge, in closets, pantries, and more. Use in the freezer for fresher, cleaner-tasting ice cubes, too. The unique manufacturing process blends the activated carbon into a single molded carbon element that’s dust free for guaranteed food safety. Fridge-it is the safer, more effective natural alternative to eliminating odors and provides clean, fresh air without the use of fragrances or chemicals. Intended for single use and lasts up to 6 months. Simply throw it away and replace.Fridge-it cube naturally activated charcoal effectively absorbs and eliminates refrigerator odors for up to 6-months without chemicals or fragrances
Made in America from naturally activated charcoal; 100-percent all-natural; fragrance and chemical free
Highly absorbent activated charcoal traps and neutralizes tough odors; simply set in place or hang for long-lasting freshness, up to 6-months
Unique manufacturing process blends activated carbon into a single molded element that’s dust-free for guaranteed food safety; people and pet safe
Compact for easy use anywhere in the fridge, freezer, trash cans, office, school locker, sports bags, diaper pails, and more; single-use disposable