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June 24, 2015


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Populre Google searches: “Global Trend Tracker”

The Internet knows more about places in the world than meets the eye. There are geo-data about new tweets and global cyberattacks, about severe weather forecasts and snapshots on Instagram. When these data are bermittelt live on the Internet and verknpft with maps, fascinating graphics. They show what is happening in the world – sometimes with verblffend many details.

For instance, the traffic on the ground from the air can be observed. Besides ships also send aircraft constantly data about their position, can use online animations developers fr. The site “TRAVIC” animated even trains, buses and subways in real time – but the data come from this regulren Fahrplnen.

site visitors can be the latest uploads from Instagram on a world map look – from Selfie the neighbors up to Snapshot from the other side of the world . The geotagging data is collected automatically. Each Instagram users should be found on the map, which has its images are not marked as private. So completely does not seem to be aware of any. The place at least some more private pictures close that appear on the map.

Click here through 15 stunning real-time graphics.

bus and train from the air

The “Transit Visualization Client” (TRAVIC) shows trains, buses and subways on a world map. Whoever wants to can for example keep track of how the Berlin S-Bahn draws its circles – or watch the dense mass transit in New York. As the developers, most of the data are taken from the regulren Fahrplnen, Versptungen will not be shown.

Tweets as little lights

It begins with a dark map of the world and ends in a spectacle of lights: “Tweetping” recorded on Twitter posted messages as tiny points of light namely at the place where they were sold. The recording starts when a user opens the web page. In a display panel located just used hashtags can be read. To search these, visualization is however not enough bersichtlich.

Shimmering Emojis

Smileys, cats, Luv: The “Emojitracker” pointing to a flashing display board Emojis which are currently posted on Twitter Figures shoot within seconds in the height.. For a more enjoyable to look at the website, must take an epilepsy warning note first. The source code for the page, the developer link.

planes in the sky

As a hidden object looks “flightradar24” from. The website shows the current position of airplanes on a world map. The data to be bermittelt According to the creators via satellite or radar. Nevertheless it is possible that some aircraft do not appear in the animation. A mouse click can users click on the machines shown and inform yourself about height, speed and aircraft model.

ships at sea

On the web page “Marine Traffic” can be passenger, track cargo and tankers and tugs, yachts and fishing vessels in real time. Who leads the mouse over a ship, can be read, before as many last minute a signal at the corresponding position was received. Also details about the course and denSchiffstyp are displayed.

Twitter Trends on the map

Popular words and hashtags on Twitter presents “Trendsmap” is on a world map . The website asks the user although to a free registration on, can be currently well without Login consider. Who precisely about the trends shown wants to inform, but to pay.

globe with queries

After which concept is currently being sought most frequently in Germany? What questions users in the US just its search engine? The answer lies in the “Global Trend Tracker” , the bertrgt provided by the Google Keyword Trends on a globe. The user can rotate the globe with the mouse and zoom individual Lnder closer. Some regions shows the “Trend Tracker” but no information.

The Earth as a cyber-battlefield

established a spooky dark world is the “Cyberthreat Real-Time Map” cyberattacks. Any attack appears as a luminous line that leads from the land of the aggressor to the country of the victim. The animation knnte out of a science fiction movie come. The data to deliver the anti-virus software vendor Kaspersky. The animation is probably better understood as an advertisement and should obviously raise Bedrfnis by security software.

cyberattacks as luminous Flugkrper

In addition to Kaspersky also other companies like Fire Eye or Norse developed spectacular visualizations of cyber attacks. All have one thing in common animations: The attacks are presented as luminous Flugkrper. This bombardment nearly produced a doomsday scenario.

sharks in the ocean

The “Global Shark Tracker” User can the routes of sharks in the ocean follow. over several years, researchers have ausgewhlte animals equipped with GPS tracking devices to find out more about their behavior to learn. The Sharks marked usually wear a name and even have a profile photo. The recorded on the card positions are not fully up to date, some are several days or weeks old.

The world at Instagram

Whether Selfies from neighbors or Urlaubsschnappschsse from around the world: The website locates images of Instagram on a map Users can a pin anywhere on the map pinned and the latest photos within. display. Some are only a few minutes old. The photos can be carefully situate meta data. Instagram users can choose in the program settings if their images are to be publicly or privately.

The DAILY sunrise and sunset

Every day thousands of people take pictures in the world, as the sun rises and sets. The latest Instagram photos with hashtags #sunrise and #sunset collects Michelle Chandra in her art project “Synchronicity”. The pictures are displayed as dots on a world map. Who leads the mouse over the dots, the photos may take a closer look. The order in which they are published, shows a daily updated simulation on the website.

World weather

reassuring and fascinating work that Farbverlufe on real-time weather globe with the simple name “Earth”. Strmende Weie points draw a tail behind them, they represent the wind. The user can have multiple color filters , for example, for temperature and humidity, place over the globe. A weather forecast for 14 days offers comparable website “Windity” , but showing only a two-dimensional map of the world.

The sky over New York

Emphasizes minimalist art project by Mike Bodge. Who calls the website, looks initially a screen with gray blue tiles Each tile shows the average color of the New York sky at a specific time -. Calculated on the basis of photos that are taken every 15 minutes from a static webcam , Who leads the mouse over the tiles, get to see the ursprngliche photo. Even for London, Paris and Hong Kong has set up Mike Bodge relevant websites and links.

Huge amounts of data

“The Internet in real time” is the title of an animation that leads the users enormous amounts of data in social networks and on other major Internet portals in mind. Colored tiles indicate, for example, the numbers for remote tweets, sent e-mail or uploaded video on YouTube hours unaufhrlich grow. Data are not collected in real time, but calculated based on known statistics. Who scrolls down, can read up on what numbers the makers of the website relate.

Some developers want to make money with their graphics. For example, the website Trendsmap also paid statistics. Using the service populre Twitter hashtags by region can be studied.

producers of anti-virus software to create spectacular animations by cyberattacks – the world appears therein as a battlefield never ending attacks from the network . The companies intend to suggest so well potential customers buying their security products.

The availability of real-time graphics widens constantly. Users of the live streaming app Periscope should get displayed knftig the latest streams on a world map. Currently, there is the function but only in the Periscope version for iOS .

Bunte Bildchen von Twitter: Emojitracker


colorful pictures of Twitter: Emojitracker

Less commercial interests pursued by some artists who probably want to simply dropping the user to be amazed with its graphics. The project Synchronicity for example collects each day anew the youngest photos of sunrises and -untergngen . Visitors to the site can click through hundreds of photographs showing the incandescent clouds on the horizon.

Not quite so contemplative, however, is the “ Emojitracker “. The site encourages statistics about fresh tweeted Emojis – as a colorful shimmering bezel. In order for the page illustrated on a bizarre example of what incomprehensible large amounts of data to be pumped every second through the net.

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