Interview with Yuri Gromyko on the transatlantic agreement between the US and the EU

May 9, 2015

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actively promoting transatlantic agreement between the US and the EU can completely restrict the European freedom of action. Control by Washington is already there, but it’s not the bottom. Will this agreement signed? And what this means for Russia? This Pravda. Ru told the director of the Institute for Advanced Studies named Schiffers Yuri Gromyko.

– Yuri V. p and sskazhite plans to create a Transatlantic trade and investment partnership between the New and the Old World. Why such powerful protests against the conclusion of this agreement is now in Europe?

– Plans for the creation of the Transatlantic Partnership, which actively began to exaggerate the past year and a half, even allowed Mr. Obama called “the lord of the two rings.” Because first proposed two rings: Transatlantic partnership and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But against the Trans-Pacific Partnership suddenly very sharply by Japan, and this idea, so to speak, has been removed from the agenda.


Moreover, a number of analysts believe that the events in Ukraine were just motivated by a desire to lure large financial groups, to draw, to put pressure on the Europeans to the fact that they entered into a transatlantic partnership. And many Europeans clearly say that the transatlantic partnership finally puts an end to the subjectivity of the EU.

European Union – it is not a very good tracing the United States, the United States of Europe with a very powerful Brussels bureaucracy, greatly to flirt with the United States.

The transatlantic partnership affects the interests of the most diverse groups, they involve multiple sectors of the European economy, which in terms of innovation potential is still the strongest. But above all, the Transatlantic Partnership involves problems of food.

My friends from the International Organization of food claim that it costs you somehow hurt US interests in the field of food, as here can turn most any action against you. Because the cornerstone of America – it’s still farming.

The Europeans are well aware that Americans are genetically modified food – a commodity that you can foist sell. And the fact that it is genetically modified to be hiding.

The second point – it is certainly a struggle for the market of hydrocarbons. The United States for a number of very interesting processes related to frekingom with shale oil, for the first time go to, to become exporters of oil and gas. And they need the gas market in Europe. Third, Europeans are very afraid that the United States due to “Google” and other telecommunication systems perform global total surveillance.

EU risks becoming yet another state of America?

In the past, he published a very interesting book Michael Glennon, “National security and secret government” that certainly arouse the interest of the set of politicians. In Europe, it has already become a bestseller.

My friend, a military attache in Berlin, retired, who worked in China and Russia, are usually privately very critical of the Russian government and Putin. But after reading this book, he said: You know, maybe Putin – is the only way out today because it can resist America? Only he can go against her promiscuity, and trampling on the rights of any regulators, interference in private life, in the activities of all corporations?

It is well known that not only overheard conversations, Angela Merkel, and entire sectors of the German industry innovation.

In this book, Michael Glennon shows that Walter Badzheta known theory about the two types of institutions that have developed in Britain – the prestige (the monarchy and all the supreme power) and efficiency, very strangely transformed and delivered in a very different guise in the United States. [ 1999005]

institutions to effectively there are all systems running on national security. And after September 11, there is virtually no restrictions for their actions around the world. All provocations originating from Yemen, via Syria, Latin America, Ukraine carried out by these groups, and Mr Obama just signed and authorize the activities of these groups.


Moreover, there are so-called theory of asteroid groups, because, as we know, there are no former intelligence officers. Once they retire, they have saved a huge amount of links and opportunities at all levels of state institutions, and there are no restrictions. This asteroid group of former agents of all kinds, private armies, private reconnaissance may at its own risk to organize any provocations in the world.

The main issue that puts Michael Glennon in this book, whether it is controlled by these groups at least someone in America? After all, the main claim of the West to Putin that he is not a man of consensus.

Of course, the transatlantic partnership – a cross on the Independence of the United Europe. And Putin is destroying the Western consensus. Large financial groups understand that the transatlantic partnership will strengthen the influence of big financial capital, which will permeate everything from top to bottom. Of course, first of all affected the German innovative company. But now we must bear in mind that the situation has changed dramatically, because China announced the establishment of the Asian Bank of infrastructure investments. This is a very serious and complicated course.

– That is now Europe on the big crossroads?

– Europe is really hard crossroads.

– the EU has concluded an agreement on the transatlantic partnership?

– Of course.

– Germany fact largely steers Europe. H and Atlantic part- ve insists Germany first. In fact, a colony of the United States.

– Yes. The problem is not solved the German sovereignty. Until now, all the serious issues are occupying government. It may well be a political crisis. He was very conscious of.

What we have to do to keep up?

– For me, a national project of development of a Trans-Eurasian zone where the BAM and Transsib – this is only a small part, because of the times – this is not a transport corridor and development of territories. As far as I know, Vladimir Yakunin should discuss this project with Vladimir Putin as the time from the point of view of the status and prospects of the project.

– When the planned signing of the Transatlantic agreement?

– This term is always postponed. There just must pay tribute to Merkel, it is quite an experienced politician. She makes the moves and delays, not to get involved in a serious conflict. Therefore, it began to offer formation to Russia too common trading space. This is a very interesting move. Because through diversification can convince the man in the street that the Americans – one, but we do not mind doing it, and with Russia, and then to see what would chip.

– In any case, there is room for maneuver in Russia. And we will, and we will try to do it. Do not give up Europe to plunder the Americans?

– I think that the question is so.

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