Italians dream of a life most smart (and the many already live)

June 21, 2015

ERBUSCO (Brescia) – Unsatisfied with the digital infrastructure of the city but with great expectations in the potential that can have the ‘networked society’. All combined with a strong trust in online media than traditional, but with a great caution in the use of personal data. And ‘This is the result of the study “The Italians and the networked society” promoted by Ericsson and created by the Luiss Business School in April 2015, and presented in Franciacorta.

The research shows the identikit of an Italian citizen hyper-technological (40% spent more than four hours on the internet), attached to their smartphone (69% connect from mobile phone or tablet) but judging the organization and the public services of their cities highly poor. Despite the latter proves the delay of our country with respect to the development of technological infrastructure, the trust in the networked society is very positive especially for the improvement of quality of life and to promote economic growth.

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Ericsson From the design of a bus stop totally connected

Better public services, health and education. A technology can make it easier to close the communication between the state and citizens to reduce bureaucracy and introduce tools of e-Government. These expectations that Italians have in the ‘networked society’ to improve relations with the institutions.

But also a simpler process to streamline the health services such as creating digital personal health records and instant access to medical prescriptions, as calls for 48% of respondents.

[1,999,005] E ‘also felt the need for an improvement in the education sector to which the’ networked society ‘could meet with the constant creation of educational content for free access on electronic devices , digitization of the final evaluations and especially the development and liaison with foreign universities.

Public transport more smart. But the input of ‘networked society’ in particular could be a turning point in the organization of public transport in the cities judged unsatisfactory by 65% ​​of those surveyed: 31% believe in fact that the greatest benefits can be applied precisely in that area . In what way? Through information and update in real time on the arrival of the vehicles, computer systems to search for parking and the introduction, already happened in some cities, the electronic ticket.

A digital transformation that can happen when you do Flying is the promotion of Made in Italy, tourism and productivity: the 72% of respondents think that puts the company in a hope related more to economic growth.




more trust in online media than traditional . With the development and dissemination of technologies Italians are abandoning the initial distrust towards online media: in fact the majority is considered more reliable than the traditional ones. For 27% of Italians in search of information, the media instills more confidence is the specialized site, followed by social networks (24%) and finally, on a par, TV and print.

[1,999,005] Maximum trust for the online but also so much cautious about the sharing of your personal information: only 12% are willing to disclose them to any company, and 75% believe that greater security in online payments would increase business transactions.

[1,999,005] “The research we conducted with the Luiss shows how the Italians believe firmly in the digital transformation,” said Clara Pelaez, head of Strategy, Marketing and communications Mediterranean region of Ericsson. “The Italians in fact appreciate the benefits that the company connected can generate in terms of improving the quality of life, value for enterprises and efficiency for the government. The task of all of us is to meet this demand and lead change through a synergistic collaboration that supports innovation and growth of the entire economic system. “




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