MSI Computer DS200 1 X Wheel USB Wired Mouse, Black/Red (S12-0401170-EB5)

Price: $49.99 - $33.98

Gaming grade Optical sensor – High speed motion detection at 37IPS and acceleration up to 15G – resolution up to 1,600 – frame rate up to 4,000FPS ergonomic design DS B1 ergonomic design to enhance the comfort of the user while using mouse and to help prevent serious injury from long-term daily computer use. Anti-slip surface featuring side anti-slip grips, ensure the prefect grip and you never loss of mouse control again. DS501 weight system DS B1 comes with eight 2 gram weights to suit variety of games. Customize the perfect weight for a perfect feel. Gold-plated connector gold-plated USB connector with rubber sheathed cable.USB interface with laser tracking
16,400 (enabled by software)/8,200/4,000/2,000/1,000 DPI
Adjustable weight system with eight 2.4 gram weights to suit the game
Gold-plated connector & braided wire
16 million RGB back light colors
9 Programmable Buttons
Advanced Non-slip Coating
MSI Gaming Mouse Software to Get You Total Control Over the Mouse.
Macro and Combo Key Manager