Parma, the pride of Lucarelli: “To play ready to go by car to Genoa”

February 23, 2015

PARMA The club is always on the brink of bankruptcy , but Alessandro Lucarelli, captain of Parma, ensures the will of the players to complete the championship. Talk like a commander who, true to his role, he has no intention of abandoning the sinking ship and it also does on behalf of the comrades, explaining why the Crusaders were unwilling to face Udinese yesterday behind closed doors. “Parma, if enabled to play, play. Yesterday we played but only to open doors because football is played in open court – said the lawyer speaking on ‘Radio Anch’io Sport’ -. We have repeatedly demonstrated our dignity and it seemed right to play in front of our fans. But we want to feel protected and that is also the protected Parma, there is interest in the Parma and not only to the regularity of the championship. ” And in the next race with Genoa, assures: “We also organize with 4-5 machines and present ourselves in Genoa to play.”




– “The fact of not playing made me feel bad, especially the reasons, it was a Sunday with a bitter taste in the mouth, “says Lucarelli, whose suspicion that the situation in Parma was going to collapse back to” November, when they were not paid salaries and took the penalty points. The company had hitherto always paid what we had to have, then began all the problems that have brought us to the situation today. The responsibilities? I am of those who ran the company and those who allowed it would come to this point. How was it possible not to see that the accounts were not going well? The exclusion from the Europa League could be a signal of competence who has not done his job well. ” The defender reveals that “you know in football that something was wrong, the rumors turned, no one was surprised but did not expect to go so far, that there was a hole under that big. There was to dig deeper into the budgets. From what I understand the only competent body that could do this was the Covisoc and maybe something got out of hand. Even having taken over 200 players last year was a signal, more carefully this situation could have been avoided. It’s too late “.

RIM ANERE PURE IN D “- A Lucarelli this situation seems almost unreal. “It’s like being in a movie, in these seven months we have seen all the colors, with four presidents in two months. Now the only solution seems to bankruptcy. It must be biting their hands for what happened, “said the captain of the ducal, angry with Manenti (” since èarrivato has always promised to invest a substantial figure in Parma on time but this money never arrived. He is losing the credibility that the team had given him “). Lucarelli, however, does not intend to abandon the boat. “If there ‘need of an image, a reference, to share, are available, even to start the series D. For seven years I’m here, two as captain, I feel even my this shirt. I care about the fate of this team and whatever the future and the category, give my full availability. “

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SEIZED – This morning I returned to the headquarters of Collecchio Parma Fc officers judicial. The technicians of the court completed the foreclosure proceedings that had led in recent days to the seizure of any means, including self supplied to the medical staff. This time were seized equipment, medical service to the gym of the first team. The machinery, for about 500 thousand Euros, were loaded into a van and taken to the outside of the structure.

SCALE: “incredulous and disgusted, THERE ‘BEEN superficiality”
– ” I am incredulous, I can not understand what happened. But I am also disgusted by the comments of those responsible that they should analyze the situation of this company. ” Nevio Scala, former coach of Parma, comments on the current situation of his old club to the microphones of ‘Radio Anch’io Sport’ on RadioUno. “We approach things very superficiality and indifference, we close the stable door after the horse has bolted – blurts Scala – The Parma can not disappear from the world of football for things that should have been resolved in advance. I heard that the Football Federation did not know, but then the Federation, the supervisory bodies What are they doing? And ‘this drama of Italian football, and maybe not even arrived at the bottom. ” “The story is adapted from the men who lead the company and have the responsibility for everything that happens,” added the former coach of the Duke’s, according to which “the money was put now before all that football can give and football is done by players, coaches and fans. “

– Accuse the Football Association for the checks carried out on the transfer of ownership of the Emilian club, however, the mayor of Parma Federico Pizzarotti. “I’m disappointed by the controls of the FIGC, you can acquire a company by giving guarantees on the word, I hope that in the future you do differently – his words on Radio too Sports – We follow the issue day by day until it find the right way and clear. You have to move all together, you have to square. Important to give dignity and future of the team. “

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