Repository for nuclear waste: OEW boss Heinz Seiffert on search abroad

January 5, 2015

The head of the Association Oberschwäbische electricity (OEW), an owner of the energy supplier EnBW believes in a turning point in the search for a repository. Strong radiative nuclear waste may very well be disposed abroad.

“I’m pretty sure it will not succeed in the policy to enforce a geologically suitable site for a repository in the densely populated Federal Republic of Germany. The attempt is but for 20 years without success,” said OEW boss Heinz Seiffert Deutsche Presse-Agentur , He believed in a solution abroad.

OEW are 46.75 percent of the energy company EnBW, the state of Baden-Württemberg also holds shares of 46.75 percent. EnBW produces electricity with coal, gas, oil, renewable energy and nuclear power. Nuclear sites are Philippsburg, Neckarwestheim and Obrigheim.

Germany currently use – at least if there is not enough own power – nuclear power from abroad, Seiffert said. “So it’s not illogical added also bring our nuclear waste there – there is also in this area of ​​the world market,” said the CDU district of Alb-Donau district


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Heinz Seiffert: The OEW chief urges pace of energy transition

He sorrow that we could continue to rely on aboveground storage facility at 30 or 40 years, because no repository could be found in Germany. “And I think clearly for insecure than when the nuclear waste in suitable rock or salt layers 1500 meters below ground storage.”

Baden-Württemberg Energy and Environment Minister Franz Saucer (Green) rejected the attempt categorically. “It is absurd to think about the trash to send half way around the world and believe that they can use it to solve the problem,” said a spokesman. Germany wear for those produced in its nuclear power plants, radioactive waste is a responsibility that it could not be delegated.

problems of the energy revolution

With the brilliant legacy of the energy policy of the past decades had to deal. Therefore, there is a repository search law CDU, SPD, FDP and Greens had adopted together. And there was a commission working to bring the search on the right track. “This is not an easy process, but it is the only viable and promising way,” said spokesman further sub-tray.

Hans-Ulrich Rülke, FDP parliamentary leader in the Landtag of Baden-Württemberg, emphasized: “German nuclear waste is a German problem.” Only if no suitable site would be found, should be considered a solution abroad. CDU parliamentary leader Peter Hauk said: “The maximum safety is paramount when it comes to the decision of a repository.”

OEW boss Seiffert is also a member of the supervisory board at EnBW , the third largest energy supplier in Germany. Seiffert demanded pace of energy transition. She had wanted and socio-politically correct, but was in a dead end because they had been pushed too quickly and without sufficient impact assessment. “We finally need the political framework to secure the base load and grid stability.”

To Energy Transition includes not only the promotion of renewable energies, Seiffert said. “We turn the Nuclear Power Plants base load – and therefore the federal government must ensure that the construction of efficient gas power plants is economically feasible.” Also, there must be incentives to provide storage for surplus wind and solar power.

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