SightPros Computer Glasses- blublocker reading glass for men and women- reduces eye stain and fatigue … (+1.50 D)

Price: $15.97

We live in a technology driven world

Whether we like it or not, our days are spent in front of screens. Cell phones, computers, tablets, and televisions take up a significant portion of our time. All of these screens emit blue light, which is harmful to the eyes and also has a negative effect on sleep patterns.

Blue Light

Blue light has been proven to cause permanent damage to the eyes, as well as causing eye fatigue and strain and disrupting healthy sleep patterns. If you find that your eyes feel tired and uncomfortable after working in front of a screen all day, blue light is to blame.

Computer Glasses

Each pair of computer glasses protects against harmful blue light from computers and other electronic devices. Blue light glasses are essential for those who spend a lot of time in front of a screen – especially at work. Our glasses function as excellent work glasses for computer use and block blue light to help your eyes feel less strained throughout the day.

Several Strengths

Our blue light blocking computer glasses are available in several powers for those who want reading glasses with blue blocking benefits, those who simply need to relieve eye strain from looking at screens all day, and those who do not need glasses with any magnifying power but simply want to block blue light during computer usage. There is a pair for everyone!

Block blue light and relieve eye strain while improving your vision and quality of life!
Strong plastic frame resists bending and warping to ensure that each pair will be long lasting. Never buy another pair of readers again!
High quality, non-polarized, plastic lenses are crystal clear and easy to clean. 51 millimeter lens width provides a good range of vision.
Proceeds benefit mission trips to needy areas where we provide quality vision care to those who could not otherwise afford it.