Super Mom: Chores, Errands & Housework with Mommy FREE

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Do you love pretend play housework & chores? Do you love playing with the Vacuum, Cooking Mac n’ Cheese, cleaning up the floors, sweeping, picking up your room, & wish you could use the lawn mower, and weed whacker tool?
Realistic chores & errands that are done in the household daily! Have fun with this pretend play chores game!
Teaches kids what chores are important to do around the house, and let’s them participate in a fun game!
Tons of Minigames to explore, your child will love this!
Tidy up the bedroom, and throw away trash, recyclables, and put toys back in the bin. Make the bed, and pull the sheets up to tidy the room so it sparkles!
Make Mac n’ Cheese for lunch or dinner! Pour the Macaroni into the pot, and turn the stove on! Watch the Macaroni bubble, then throw it into the sifter, and pour the buttery cheese sauce over to serve up a yummy bowl of Mac n’ Cheese!
Mop and clean up the bathroom! Use the Swiffer to clean up muddy spots, and the broom to dust up any dust and dirt! Toss waste into the waste can, and get ready to have a spotless bathroom!
Time to do laundry! Throw the laundry from the basket into the hybrid washer & dryer! Clean up clothes, then turn the dry cycle on! Take the clothes out, and fold up pants, and hang up outfits for later!
Even more chores including shopping for groceries, mowing the lawn, cleaning the windows until they sparkle and more!
Great for kids wanting to learn how to do chores, and help out around the house with this pretend play game!