Tour of Flanders, between walls and car crazy triumphs Kristoff

April 5, 2015

Alexander Kristoff and the driver, or drivers, machine officer to change wheels. Are the characters that deliver to posterity the edition number 99 of the Tour of Flanders. The first makes a masterpiece, enrolling for the first time the name of Norway to the Ronde. Runners, perfect for a sprint ranks and not too tight, the Norwegian did not expect an epilogue that he could still creargli pitfalls, if it builds. Anticipates, goes on the run with the Dutchman Niki Terpstra at a point where others pull their breath, then manages the action, doing most of the work to maintain the advantage, but taking it petrol tank: the goal is a duel on long straight, once reached there is no history.

Several km before the exploits of Kristoff, two episodes absurd. The car Shimano gear wheels hitting Jesse Sergent (Trek), leading a group of fugitives. The New Zealand cyclist ends on the ground suffering a fractured collarbone, while the other group of runners they perform. What’s even more incredible is that overtaking occurs during cornering, a narrow stretch of road and especially no apparent need. Not a novelty, however in the world of cycling: the Tour de France of 2011 the organization sent a car off the road Dutch Hoogerland and Spaniard Flecha: for the first consequences were terrible, as he went to get tangled in barbed wire. Returning to the present, the exploits do not end there. A few kilometers later, in fact another ‘masterpiece’, matchless self Shimano: tamponade of the flagship of the French FDJ , who was attending Chavanel, who is thrown on the asphalt.




Waiting to see how people used to these operations can combine similar troubles, we return to the race, for quite some time locked tactically, but exciting in the final. The initial flight is part of the unfortunate Sergent: with him our Frapporti, Matzka, Brammeier, Groenewegen, Bak and Gaudin, the last two of those who resist more. Behind the monopoly if it takes the Team Sky bike with Cushion (will be very useful to Roubaix): Captain Thomas is, the strategist should be Wiggins, but go early to the ground losing pace. Between attempts and the other, the Koppenberg (the hardest of the 19 walls), does the classical selection from behind, reducing the number of aspirants. The Kruisberg is the longest wall, and once out almost this (matter of little) Kristoff is quick in replying to Terpstra, who tries to give the Netherlands a success that is missing in Flanders since 1986 (van der Poel) . Missing two walls, old Kwaremont and Paterberg.

Giro delle Fiandre, tra muri e auto impazzite trionfa Kristoff

Tersptra tries in vain to pull Kristoff on Paterberg


is expected to Kristoff can suffer acceleration Terpstra, instead he is adjusting the Dutch at their own pace. Behind our sacrifices himself to van Oss Avermaet (previously so had Pauline for the winner), the Belgian (the end will be the third) collects the work going in pursuit with Sagan, while behind the favorite of the eve, Geraint Thomas, drifting with his dreams: the defeat of the Welsh for that to be the fittest counts, but in races like these, there is always that little bit more … It ends with Kristoff arms up thus: last year he had won the Sanremo, this time taking the legacy of the absent Cancellara and Boonen (six editions in their last ten): its board is becoming more luxurious. Finally, a nod Italians: Oss Paolini and we said, the best player is Pozzato, brilliant but exhausted in the sprint of markers. Good signals from Philip nice, but to get back to winning a classical monument (remember, sends us for 7 years) it takes more.

GREAT ITALIAN FOR WOMEN, WINS THE LONGO BORGHINI – Fortunately, however, there are women. For the Italian cycling great news indeed come from proof female, won for separation from Elisa Longo Borghini. Historic feat, considering that this is the first blue to triumph in the Ronde.

Giro delle Fiandre, tra muri e auto impazzite trionfa Kristoff

The triumphant arrival of Elisa Longho Borghini


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