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July 8, 2015

Very many people are now interested in how Europeans relate to events in the Ukraine, whose side take. Of course, many people, so many opinions, but what is the overall picture and the correlation of forces. As in France belong to Russia and see what is happening in Kiev? What to do with the “Mistral”? This Pravda.Ru told military expert from France, Xavier Moreau.

– Mr. Moreau at s recently made a forecast that Ukraine will cease to exist, it is directly related to the hypocritical and irresponsible policies of the West.

– We know that initially the Ukraine – it is a man-made project, which was created by the Poles and the Bolsheviks began the actual Ukrainisation. Therefore, it is very far-fetched and unstable. There are different people live, they have a completely different story. In Western Ukraine is respected Stepan Bandera, Shushkevich. And almost everywhere in the rest of Ukraine respect Vatutin, beetles and other heroes of the Second World War.

Therefore, in order to establish the present state and the nation with these people, it is necessary to carry out the policy very carefully. And now all of that balance, which until recently was completely destroyed by the current government. It is simply impossible to be one nation, one state, if they bomb their own people. They are now sown such hatred, such hostility among the people of Ukraine.


I very often go to social networks Donbass and see what is happening every day. There are many photos and videos of criminal actions of the Ukrainian authorities and the army. And I understand that people who have experienced this, can not forgive people who have done it. Because I do not see ways to ensure that they continued to live in one state. Too much pain and blood fell between them.

In Russia and France also had a scary moment, but we are old nation. Our history began 1,500 years ago, Russia is known for over 1000 years. Therefore, we can use our history to forgive each other. But Ukraine really came into existence 25 years ago, until now they have never been an independent country. Therefore, they can not find in the history of reason to continue to live together.

I’m not saying that Ukraine no longer be. It may be such territory – Ukraine, where it will be a confederation of different states. The strongest and richest region, of course, eastern Ukraine.

– Nevertheless, there is a school program in which for 25 years brought [1,999,006] [1,999,006] Ukrainian students. First there were small changes, and now come to the statements about the occupation of Russia … On the Internet there are videos where nationalists say that it is necessary to destroy all the Donbass, a tiny girl running around with a knife and shouting: “rusyaku slaughter.” They grow up in this …

– This is a very artificial. The publicity for the children was in Nazi Germany. But as a result, when the system collapsed, everything is gone.

French military expert on the collapse of Ukraine, the Russian aggression and “Mistral”

– For this it was necessary to take the Reichstag. The Nuremberg Trials were possible after the victory …

– I think that the process will be different. – There will be a big war, but when the central government in Kiev falls, the system will be completely destroyed. There will be a strong central government that can solve everything for everybody. It will be a very strong federalization. For example, the Ukrainian language Kharkiv – very unnatural. Why does he need if everything they say in Russian, because of this they – access to the literature of Europe and to the business with Russia and the Customs Union. Why do we need Ukrainian language? It is better to learn English. Automatically Russian language returns.

Ukraine – is an ideological creation. As to the time in Germany. When the Prussians began to create modern Germany, they also began to introduce a common language. But Ukraine is no basis for this.

Ukrainian nationalists think that if there is one language, then we can not keep the entire country. It’s their fault. They took the German model, which they explained that one language is necessary, and all. Old country that does not stop, but for Ukraine – is a violent process that leads to destruction.

Ukrainian language first began to teach in Lviv, when they were Austrian colony. Because Austria was very afraid that these people speak the Russian language is very close. Austria feared that they will require to connect to Russia and to withdraw from the Austrian Empire. So they created there Russian parliament, but said that it is necessary to teach the Ukrainian language.


But it was an artificial language, which is specifically created for this purpose, it has not been previously used. Ukraine – it is very artificial project. If they want to make it work, it must be kept in such a way to another 200 or 300 years, and not to touch anything. Then, very slowly, but naturally will be a process of accretion.

A Western countries simply destroyed this artificial and undignified project. As a result, they have achieved such a result – the collapse of the country has not taken place, the collapse of the project “Ukraine”, which themselves once and came up with.

The only thing that until recently held the Ukraine – the Constitution. Even after the Orange Revolution, they are more or less saved its Constitution. But now they have destroyed, and it is.

The West, of course, wanted a united Ukraine, but got the opposite result. In this area, there will be some education in the form of a confederation.

Agreement on association with the EU was necessary to destroy the industrial complex of Ukraine. Because the de-industrialization – this de-Russification. Therefore, they had done in the Baltic countries. And we wanted for Ukraine. They do not care that Ukraine is a poor country.

You have to understand that within the association agreement or visa-free travel, no financial assistance, nothing positive for Ukraine was not. Therefore, the association agreement – is a fraud. Its in Ukraine no one even read.

EU was not ready to give them a visa-free regime two years ago, when they were more or less wealthy. And now this question can not be. Ukraine is no longer possible to put even close to European countries. It can be compared only to Albania, but rather with Africa. There – $ 50 average wage. It’s just a nightmare. Ukrainians should understand that they will never get permission for visa-free regime.

– recently published your book “Ukraine. Why did France was wrong?”. Tell us briefly – why? And could a France under a single EU in general to do something?

– France made a mistake, because we in the Foreign Ministry and intelligence services no longer experts on Russia. Especially since there is no one knew anything about Ukrainian history. Although the archives have been opened. It is clear that Ukraine – a fake Polish-Austrian project to weaken Russia.

If we had is now competent, educated people in the Foreign Ministry and in the institutions that work for the ministry, then we would have done more. And it would save not just the same Ukraine but also the world as a whole.

If only one country opposed the sanctions, then they would not be. And the weight of France in the EU is very high. If our authorities immediately said that we do not impose sanctions against Russia.

Sarkozy recently said that Crimeans made the right choice. And I can say that of the four candidates for the next presidential election three believe that the Crimea – a Russian land, and want to continue the relationship with Russia, they want to put the “Mistral”.

The problem is that now is a lot of pressure on the United States to France. And our politicians are not as strong as we would like. Hollande is now very unpopular in France, primarily due to internal problems. I think that the rating of Vladimir Putin they have – 100 percent. Together, they – 100 percent, 90 percent, Putin and Hollande – 10.

I think that for Russia, “Mistral” and economic sanctions – is not a very big problem. As recently said Sergei Lavrov: “The sanctions – it’s your problem.” The Russian authorities have always said to the French: “Do you want us to put a” Mistral “- to return the money, you want to – put.” There is information that the French government erupted in a conflict over these issues.

There is a conflict between the Defense Ministry and the Foreign Ministry, because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs works more for the US than for us. And the Ministry of Defence are trying to protect the interests of France, and they know that if we do not deliver “Mistral”, it will cost half a billion of France.

– A Foreign Ministry does not know this?

– I think that the Foreign Ministry had been deceived – promised that it will not cost so much money.

– What do you mean, “the Foreign Ministry promised”? And they believe?

– You can not imagine the level of incompetence of the people working in our Foreign Ministry. I’m sorry, but that’s it. I think that within the Foreign Ministry there are people who are even ready to destroy our military-industrial complex.

Within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a strategic department. There’s developing foreign policy strategies. They chose the anti-Russian strategy is very aggressive in all regions, the Middle East, Ukraine and so on.

But now everyone understands that you have to pay. There is unofficial information that France has made an offer to Russia to give money, but less. Russia – a good country, and France knows it.

– Xavier, France and Germany – the strongest army in Europe, but it turned out that 40 [1,999,006] per cent [1,999,006] [1,999,006] Fighter [ 1999006] there do not fly …

– Fly 60 percent. In Germany – even less. They are not supported and can not fly. Because we have reduced the budget of the army. We simply have the budget of the army for 30 years, used to settle the bankruptcy. Due to defense budget …

– That is, the Ministry of Defence has become the whipping boy?

– Yes. And because of the war in Europe would be the militarization of the United States. Thank God, thanks to General de Gaulle in France, there is no American bases, and never will be. But the number of these bases will grow in the Baltic States, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia … But they still will not be able to attack Russia, the content of the database will cost a lot of money to the United States.

One of the reasons why the Soviet Union collapsed – they had too many military bases around the world. So now all these forces abroad weakened the US economy. Let continue in the same spirit!

In France – the problems. I was once invited to a TV channel. A woman who opposed me, there was no argument. After that never again I was not invited. So I can conclude that the French system of “soft totalitarianism”. In France, at 5 am, you can be sure that the police will not knock on your door and take you to the office. We are not in Ukraine. But, on the other hand, totalitarianism exists through the full control of the media, Atlantic ideology.

But Russian wins World ideological war. Recently there have been studies. The French, who are interested in what is happening in Ukraine, 11 percent. Among them, 95 percent support the Russian position. Therefore, we can say that the intelligentsia in France is already on our side. The rest – a matter of time and patience.

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