“You have to remove the World Cup in Qatar”

December 9, 2014

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The charges accumulate and obscure the horizon of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. On Tuesday, the former communications officer of the bid committee Qatar 2022, Phaedra Almajid says in an interview with France Football having [ 1999011] saw Qatari officials propose In January 2010 money leaders Football Africans. For the Belgian Marc Tarabella, European Socialist deputy, who had already sounded the alarm to the European Commission in February on working conditions on the sites of the World 2022, the of LBP in this competition Qatar “an ethics insult” .

Qatar has hold World Cup 2022. The accumulation of scandals revealed around the Qatar bid should it lead reassign the event to a another country?

This comes accredit I defend the thesis, which is that the World Cup should not be held in Qatar in 2022. It should be remove this competition in Qatar. I have already denounced this situation compared vis-à-vis disregard for people working on the building sites of this World Cup, stadiums and infrastructure. Last year, there were already about 1,000 workers, mainly Nepalese, Indian, Sri Lankan sometimes, died on construction sites. Because of the heat, the lack of safety rules. It’s modern slavery: it takes away their passports, they can not even leave country if they want


corruption problems came s add . They were clearly highlighted in the Garcia report, very partially used by FIFA justify that we would hold World in Qatar. The testimony of M me Almajid comes build corruption charges. Until when FIFA executives will they be deaf to this evidence? Until when will they hold decision of hold World Cup in Qatar? It becomes inconceivable.

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There are yet no examples of World Cup host country removed a …

In 1986 Colombia , for lack of money, withdrew. The World Cup has been reallocated Mexico . We realize that sports competitions are assigned more despite social, environmental criteria. It is time that FIFA gives the example, saying: “Since there was cheating, is canceled. “It would be a strong signal for future editions.

Following the survey prosecutor Michael Garcia, the president of the trial chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee, Hans-Joachim Eckert, concluded that there was no need put concerned designations …

Counsel Garcia challenged himself the conclusions of FIFA in relation to its investigation. He highlighted the proven facts of corruption and it has not been taken into account. Mr. Eckert said it was minor elements and that it was inappropriate to put concerned the organization of the World Cup. With the revelations, the situation becomes untenable.

The organization of a sporting event international should be the result of compliance rules that ensures respect for workers’ rights, but also rules environmental. Is it conceivable that we ask everyone do efforts to produce less greenhouse gases and we organize a World Cup summer where it’s 50 degrees in air-conditioned stadiums in the desert? It does not make sense.

Should review award criteria of these major competitions?

The allocation of a competition like Olympics or the World Cup should be the result of a commitment to the host country improve living conditions, particularly workers engaged on construction sites. This commitment should be prior to the organization. It does not take this to be the opposite, the use of foreign slaves coming build stadiums that no longer serve no purpose. Just look competitions that take place in Qatar, cameras film the concrete in stages: there are no spectators


Michel Platini had a great idea in wanting do a Euro throughout the Europe in 2020. Maybe would it s inspire This idea hold future World Cups, not a continent but on a part of the continent, such as North America, Southeast, and South Asia. More countries together forces, as did the Belgium and Netherlands (Euro 2000), the Switzerland and Austria ( Euro 2008 ) or Poland and Ukraine ( Euro 2012 ).

federations must nominate candidates according to criteria that are not only the money. Or Qatar is the money. This could be criteria on the commitment of build structures that could serve youth of the country, build centers of training schools.

France organizes the Euro 2016 . The French government will provide tax gift to UEFA, a tax exemption made necessary by the Minister of Sports, Patrick Kanner, for power hold competition. Are football associations become too powerful? Are they above the law?

This is a feeling that can having . Develop tax laws relative to the large companies or in relation to the organization of an event is not normal. In Europe, where there is already an unbridled tax competition, we must avoid this kind of tax particularism.

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Apart from 2022, you are also quite critical of the organization of the next World Cup Russia in 2018.

The Russian bid is not without reproach. The fact that the Russian parliament has passed a law that restricts the right of workers to these huge projects is a very bad signal. We can also quote them Games Sochi. Increasingly, investments in these applications the country into debt but are useless thereafter. People are waiting for other investments. At Brazil , a country of football, the riots before the World Cup have shown.


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